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How Early Can Autism Be Detected?
Early help for kids with autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) can be important. But how young can we detect the early symptoms of ASD ? A recent study tracked kids for the first three years of life.
Dads Pass “Trust Hormone” to Kids
Often called the "love hormone" or "trust hormone," oxytocin is a chemical that helps parents and children bond to one another and works on children's emotional development.
How Do Medical Problems Affect Autism?
Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other medical conditions need care for both, and new research suggests that ASD treatments may need to take other medical problems under consideration.
Parents Input to Help Find Autism Risks
Early detection of autism spectrum disorders ( ASD ) can help children succeed. But how early can risk be detected?
Autism and Anxiety in Children
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can create struggles for children to overcome. For some children, anxiety disorders with ASD can interfere with life.
Child’s Play May Improve Language Skills
Children with autism may have difficulty learning language. As autism is detected in ever younger children, interventions may help to improve language learning.
New Detection Tool for Autism
Early detection of autism is important because intervening early can increase the odds that children will succeed. New research shows that some warning signs at 6 months of age may help in early detection of autism.
How Good are Early Detection Methods for Autism
Early diagnosis can give parents access to interventions and treatments to improve outcomes for children with autism. How young an age can doctors be sure of a diagnosis, and are incorrect diagnoses harmful?
Autism Symptoms Aren't Color-blind
Various medical diseases sometimes differ in the way their symptoms and levels of severity show up in different ethnicities. It appears that autism may be such a condition.
Brains with Autism Show Changes Early
Most children aren't diagnosed with autism until they are 1 or 2 years old, but new research reveals brain differences in babies as young as 6 months old who later developed autism.