Health News

Life Lost in the Storm
Dawnene Harper often finds herself looking for something - a book, a photo album, a kitchen tool - before she remembers. "Oh, right," the New Orleans resident has to remind herself. "I don't have that anymore. I lost it in the storm."
Spare the Rod for Healthy Development
A review of twenty years worth of research reveals that physically punishing kids probably does more harm than good and appears to increase kids' aggression.
The Evolution of Anxiety Starts at Shame
Charles Darwin’s ideas of evolution are supported yet again, this time by psychologists studying anxiety.
Helping You Helps Your Employer
While issues with mental health may cause problems with work, ignoring the issues will only make it worse, studies suggest.
Post-Stroke Confusion May Worsen Outcomes
Delirium among hospitalized stroke patients is common with up to 30 percent of patients suffering from disorientation and temporarily altered mental status. Research suggests those patients may have worse outcomes.
Don't Drink the Water!
The water you drink today may be impacting your 'mental health'. A new study found contaminated drinking water caused a statistically significant increase in mental illness in the 1980s .
Famously Anxious and Sleepless
While watching celebrities play their roles in your favorite movies or TV series, it’s difficult to remember they’re real people with emotions and feelings just like your own. 
Punctuating OCD
Left untreated, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), can be as infuriating as it is incessant. Yet, some cases of the condition don't respond to conventional treatment with antidepressant medications.
Distress Released with Blogging
Teens suffering from social anxiety may have a trendy means of therapy available right at their fingertips, a new study infers.
Do Downward Dog for Better Downtime
If menopause is keeping you up at night, consider using part of your days for yoga sequences that a study has shown will help reduce that insomnia.