Celeb Moms Who Give Back to Health

Tina Fey

This talented mom has a knack for girl power. Tina Fey is known for many things, from her comedic writing to co-starring in the hit film “Mean Girls.” She was also able to break into the male-dominated comedy biz, becoming the first female head writer of “Saturday Night Live.” In fact, many attribute SNL’s boost in ratings to Fey’s role in the show. Not only did she exert girl power behind the scenes, but she was able to incorporate more female characters into the show. Fey also contributes to a variety of organizations, such as Autism Speaks, the Alzheimer’s Association and Stand Up to Cancer. She was a recipient of Love our Children USA’s “Mothers Who Make a Difference” award in 2009.

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May 7, 2015

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May 8, 2015