COVID-19 Update: 2/22/22

US COVID-19 case count reaches 78,269,789

(RxWiki News) The Omicron wave appears to be subsiding, but COVID-19 isn't over yet.

Total case counts in the United States continued to climb, and they had reached 78,269,789 as of publication time.

That means that, in the span of around a month and a half, nearly 20 million new COVID-19 cases were reported in the US.

Still, the average number of new cases per day was sharply down from mid-January, when the wave of infections from the Omicron variant was at its peak. In mid-January, the seven-day average for new cases reported per day was over 800,000. By mid-February, that figure was just over 100,000.

Meanwhile, the total death count from the pandemic in the US reached 930,811 as of publication time.

Although the pace of vaccination and even the administration of boosters had slowed in recent weeks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reporting that 549,939,423 COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in the US as of publication time.

Health officials continue to recommend vaccinations and booster shots for those eligible as the most important means of COVID-19 prevention. Masks are still recommended in many places, particularly in crowded indoor areas.

If you feel sick or believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, reach out to your health care provider or take an at-home COVID-19 test.

If you test positive, the CDC recommends staying home and isolated from others for at least five days. Notify your health care provider, and seek immediate medical care if your symptoms get worse.

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February 20, 2022