Blame It On the Alcohol

Spirit store owners can help reduce alcohol related deaths

(RxWiki News) Wake up and smell the orange juice without the Vodka. Alcohol is no joke. People are injured and even worse dying from alcohol related accidents. Shop owners have a say in these problems.

There are over 79,000 deaths per year caused by excessive alcohol use in the United States alone. Something needs to be done and researchers believe that holding alcohol establishments liable for their customers actions will help reduce the number of injuries and deaths.

"Know your limits - drink responsibly."

The Community Preventive Services Task Force researchers believe that dram shop liability is an effective intervention for lowering motor vehicle deaths, homicides, injuries, and other alcohol-related problems.

Dram shops are places of business that sell alcohol. Dram shop liability refers to laws that make those particular shops responsible for injuries caused by alcohol sold from their establishment.

The researchers found that alcohol related deaths and injuries were reduced by 6.4 percent in areas with stricter dram shop liability laws. That means fewer accidents and more safety for everyone else.

More research is needed to determine the most effective intervention in relation to stricter or enhanced enforcement laws that will prohibit selling to underage and already intoxicated customers. Right now there are 44 states that have dram shop laws, but all states need to implement these laws to ensure public safety.

The research will be published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in September 2011.

Review Date: 
August 16, 2011