The Clooney Factor

Fertile women want a "George Clooney" type, studies show

(RxWiki News) The University of Colorado at Boulder has pinpointed specific facial features that make men irresistible to fertile women, which would explain why George Clooney is so wildly successful.

Forget intelligence and sense of humor, fertile women want a man with the face of George Clooney. According to Steven Gangestad, women in their fertile phase want a man with a "pronounced chin, strong jaw, narrow eyes and well-defined brow." A man with these "masculine" or "macho" features is implied to have good genes due to these rugged characteristics being linked to testosterone and evolutionary development of such a face.

Women in their ovulation period show signs of choosiness and tend to prefer men with these qualities. Such facial features suggest that a man, instead of expending all of his energy on other features or his immune system, has had adequate "surplus energy" to develop an attractive face.

Developing individuals make "trade-offs," either forming strong immune systems, bigger muscles or more adept brains. The fact that a man has survived and acquired a "macho" face may suggest to a fertile woman that he is strong enough on a fundamental level for his body to turn its attention to developing a ruggedly masculine face.

The puzzling factor in the equation is the lack of concern for intelligence, since a strong brain also links to good genetic quality.

Further research is required to understand why women prefer a handsome face over a sexy brain.

Review Date: 
January 12, 2011