Asthma Risk On the Street Where You Live

The distance from the road effects asthma incidence

(RxWiki News) Reasearch studies have found that closeness to a roadway increases the incidence of asthma in developed countries. The reason is due to increased exposure to traffic emissions.

Researchers wanted to know if the same could be true for a third world country. A recent study found living in close proximity to a heavily traveled avenue was associated with a greater risk of developing asthma symptoms and atopy.

"Living further away from the road reduces asthma symptom risk"

Pulmonologist Dr. William Checkley thinks these findings will lead to a follow up study where the doctors will prescribe different preventative strategies to reduce exposure near roadways. 

Their findings showed that odds can go up 30 percent for developing allergies and can double chances for actually developing asthma symptoms such as wheezing.

The research team from John Hopkins University division of Pulmonary and Critical Care used a poor area of Lima, Peru to gather their data.

In Depth

  • All adolescents lived in the same village in Peru
  • 725 adolescents age 13 to 15  took a survey about asthma symptoms
  • Their response to allergy skin testing was recorded
  • Lungs were assessed using spirometry
  • Indoor particles were measured in the adolescents households
Review Date: 
April 14, 2011