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The Geography of Hay Fever
Red, running noses and watery eyes are all too common for those living with hay fever allergies. But kids in some states may deal with hay fever more than others.
Relief for Red, Itchy Eyes
For anyone with allergies, dealing with watery and itchy eyes can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, if you don't have anti-allergy medication on hand, relief from these symptoms may still be possible.
Allergies Got Your Nose? Try Acupuncture
When allergies are bad, some people may feel like there's no escape from an itchy, runny nose. But an ancient Chinese medical practice might be another way to relieve those stuffy nostrils.
Allergy Drops Not Shots for Tots
Bringing a child to the doctor to get allergy shots can be a traumatic experience for both the child and the caretaker. A new treatment might offer an alternative to the dreaded needles.
Seasonal Sneezes Be Gone
For many people, the changing of the seasons means an unavoidable nuisance: hay fever. Many try allergy shots to reduce their reactions. A new technique might expand their options.
Trick But Don't Ruin My Treat
Halloween's just around the corner. Along with planning the costume and candy shopping, parents and children should be watchful of other October allergens lurking around.
Allergy 2.0
People with allergies know that staying informed about pollen levels can help them avoid unwanted symptoms. New social media technologies are making it easier to stay informed.
High Pollen Count Linked to ER visits
If your asthma or your allergies are making you extra miserable on days with high pollen counts, you have company. These are also top days for emergency room visits.
Pollen Counts Soaring in Europe
Allergy sufferers in America should dry their tears as they are not alone. Pollen counts are rising in Europe and in America there has been an early start to the allergy season.
Allergies or a Cold?
Is your child's sneezing part of a cold or just seasonal allergies? Researchers have a few tips on how to distinguish a child's cold or allergy symptoms.