Esophageal CancerInfo Center

Technology Grades Cells to Predict Cancer
Folks with severe acid reflux can develop a pre-cancerous condition known as Barrett's esophagus that needs to be watched carefully. A new piece of equipment may help doctors detect the earliest stages of cancer.
Esophageal Cancer Gene Discovered
New research opens the door for new therapies to treat one of the worst sorts of cancer. Finding a genetic cause for esophageal cancer offers tremendous new opportunities.
Stomaching Acid Reflux's Link to Cancer
One particularly lethal form of esophageal cancer has baffled medical scientists for decades. New research may have found the missing piece to the puzzle.
Scoring Life After Cancer on a Scale of 0-100
Treating esophageal cancer is rigorous. Surgery can involve not just the throat, but the chest and abdomen. So how's life after such extensive treatment? Researchers wanted to know and found out.
Obesity Doesn't Extend Life
Carrying around too many pounds does no body any good. This, unfortunately, is especially the case with cancer survivors. And having too, too much weight can be a drag on survival. Literally.
Cancer Patients Support Each Other Through Facebook Community
Talking to a doctor about cancer, its treatment and aftermath offers a detached point of view because the physician usually doesn't have first-hand knowledge. But interacting with fellow patients can be enormously helpful and supportive.
3D Screenings Coming Soon to a Colon Near You
Think of it as 3-D high definition TV. That's what's happening in the cancer screening world, thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers.
Esophagus Problems Are in the Genes
Barrett's esophagus happens when stomach acids damage the lining of the esophagus. Now, it seems that genes may also play a role in causing the disorder.
No Signs Doesn't Mean No Disease
If you have a health problem but no symptoms, you may not even know that you are sick. Some people with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or acid reflux disease, have this problem.
Strawberry Fields Forever
"Not only is it good for you, it taste good too!" This familiar statement now applies to strawberries and their potential to fight cancer.