Cevimeline treats dry mouth patients with Sjogren's syndrome. May impair your vision, especially at night and could impair your ability to drive safely.

Cevimeline Overview

Reviewed: September 18, 2013

Cevimeline is a prescription medication used to treat dry mouth in patients with Sjogren's syndrome. In Sjogren's syndrome the immune system attacks the glands that make tears and saliva. It may also affect the joints, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, digestive organs and nerves. Cevimeline belongs to a group of drugs called cholinergic agonists. It works by increasing the amount of saliva in the mouth.

This medication comes in capsule form. It is usually taken 3 times a day.

Common side effects include sweating, nausea, and runny nose.


Cevimeline Genetic Information

CYP2D6 is a protein in your body that is involved in the elimination of cevimeline and other drugs from your body. Some patients have less of this protein in their bodies, affecting how much of the drug gets eliminated. Levels of CYP2D6 can vary greatly between individuals, and those having less of this protein are known as "poor metabolizers." 

CYP2D6 testing is done to determine whether you are a poor metabolizer. If you are a poor metabolizer, the levels of cevimeline in your blood can become too high. As a result you may be at an increased risk of having more side effects from cevimeline.

Your doctor may adjust your dose of cevimeline if you are a poor metabolizer.


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Uses of Cevimeline

Cevimeline is a prescription medication used to treat dry mouth in patients with Sjogren's syndrome.

This medication may be prescribed for other uses. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Cevimeline Brand Names

Cevimeline may be found in some form under the following brand names:

Cevimeline Drug Class

Cevimeline is part of the drug class:

Side Effects of Cevimeline

Common side effects include:

  • excessive sweating
  • nausea
  • runny nose
  • diarrhea

This is not a complete list of cevimeline side effects. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.