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Relief from Sjögren's? Not With This Arthritis Rx
Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that causes dry mouth and dry eyes. A recent study tested whether Sjögren’s patients would respond to a medication sometimes used for other autoimmune disorders.
Boosting Blood Cancer Survival
Lymphomas are blood cancers that start in the cells of the immune system. Burkitt’s lymphoma is a particularly aggressive form of the disease. New research may have discovered a better way to treat it.
Keeping Vasculitis at Bay
Certain diseases have a tendency to return even after they have been treated and controlled. For such conditions, medications that can fend off the disease as long as possible are usually preferred.
A Combination Leukemia Can’t Take
Many patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia do pretty well with standard treatment. The disease retreats and stays in remission. However, some patients aren’t so fortunate. A new combination may be just what these patients need.
Age Matters When Treating Leukemia
Unless a child is involved, age usually isn’t considered when prescribing cancer treatment. A new study finds that might need to be changed for certain leukemia patients.
Second Line of Defense Against RA
People with rheumatoid arthritis are often treated with anti-TNF drugs. When these drugs fail, patients may need to switch to a different drug. But which drug should be the second line of defense?
Rituxan May Help With Kidney Disorder
While medications can help people with kidney problems, they are no magic bullet. In some cases, the drugs used to treat kidney disorders can lead to complications just as serious as the original problem.