Health News

Statins Didn't Alter the Mind
There has been some uncertainty about statins potentially causing mental confusion and impairment. Researchers have looked at the relationship again.
Hypertension Meds Safe for Heart Failure
Previous studies have suggested that the hypertension drug losartan could lower survival among heart failure patients. However, new research suggests high doses of C ozaar ( losartan ) does not contribute to an increased risk of dying.
Drugs that Make Gout Risk Go Up and Down
In order to get your blood pressure under control, your doctor may give you some type of prescription drug. Your risk of developing gout may influence which drug you are prescribed.
Blood Pressure Medicine Fighting COPD
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) is a lifelong ailment. Recent discoveries from unlikely places, like blood pressure medicine, may make living with COPD much easier.
The "Dirty Dishes" of Gout
When it comes to cleaning a dirty dish, more scrubbing is needed to get it clean than to keep it clean. It could be similar when it comes to getting rid of the urate crystals associated with gout.
Common Meds Don't Increase Cancer Risks
Terror, panic and worries raises blood pressure. And that's just what the millions of people in this country living with high blood pressure felt last year. Today, they can take a long sigh. 
Saving Old Muscle
As people get older, their muscles shrink and can easily get hurt. For these people, exercise might not be enough to keep their muscles healthy. So, it is welcome news that there may be a drug that protects muscle health.