Health News

No Need to Overtest
Sure, if a woman has a high risk from family history and tests positive for a mutated gene, preventive measures are good. But excessive testing may be unnecessary for everyone else.
Different Ovarian Tumor Types
Chin up, ladies. Don’t let those long and scary pathology words get you down. The type of cell found in an ovarian tumor doesn’t necessarily predict the outcome.
Diabetes Drug Battles Ovarian Cancer?
How exactly a diabetes drug helps ovarian cancer patients is still unknown, but the success rate is very encouraging. Further studies are needed to see if metformin should be made part of standard treatment.
Light On The Ovarian Cancer Horizon
Sometimes we report on the biology of cancer – the genetic changes that are involved in the development and growth of tumors. Why is this important? Because the more science knows, the more opportunities there are for new and better treatments.
Bigger Hospital, Better Odds
Experience and preparedness are key elements to successful health care. Busy hospital staff may have full hands, but they’re also well equipped to handle any medical surprises.
New Generation of Ovarian Cancer Drugs?
Ovarian cancer tends to respond to treatment initially. Then the disease becomes resistant to the drugs being used and returns. A new type of drug currently being studied may change this lethal trend.
Living With Ovarian Cancer
Researchers have looked at the value of social support. People living with cancer who are connected with and attached to other people tend to do better, physically, mentally and emotionally. But do they live longer?
Do Contraceptives Increase Your Cancer Risks?
You're taking the pill, or maybe you've tried one of the injectable contraceptives. Now you hear something about an association between birth control and cancer and you start to freak. No need to.
Endometriosis Increases Risks of Ovarian Cancer
Millions of women and girls in the United States and around the world suffer from the painful, chronic condition known as endometriosis. Recent research indicates this condition could be a risk factor for ovarian cancer.
Risks of a Life-Saving Surgery for Women
Women at risk of ovarian cancer are sometimes encouraged to get their ovaries removed. While ovary removal surgery can save a woman's life, it also may raise the risk of other health problems.