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New HER2+ Breast Cancer Treatment Recommendation
More than a quarter of women diagnosed with breast cancer have high levels of HER2, a protein that makes the cancer grow faster and more likely to return. New research has discovered one treatment method that’s been used may no longer be necessary.
One-Dose Breast Cancer Radiotherapies
After breast conserving surgery, radiation therapy is given to reduce the chances of the breast cancer returning. External beam radiation therapy (EBRT) is the standard therapy and it is performed over multiple sessions, typically daily for four to five weeks.
Why Breast Cancer Surgery Pain Can Linger
Most women with breast cancer undergo some form of surgery ranging from a lumpectomy to remove the tumor and surrounding tissue to a mastectomy that removes the entire breast. Pain after mastectomies may be the most troubling long-term symptom among breast cancer survivors, according to a recent study.
The Genetics of Menopause
Women who have mutations in the BRCA genes are at higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Research has suggested that women with these altered genes may also have problems conceiving children and that they go through menopause earlier than women without the defective genes.
Going the Distance for Breast Cancer
Travel in rural North Dakota and Minnesota — especially during the winter — is difficult. One medical student in North Dakota was curious to learn if travel distances impacted breast cancer screenings, diagnosis and treatment.
Walking Away From Cancer Rx Stiffness
After primary treatment, many breast cancer patients are given medicine to keep the disease from returning. Medicines called aromatase inhibitors block the production of estrogen, the hormone that feeds most breast cancers. Side effects of these medications can include joint pain and stiffness.
Life After Breast Cancer for Young Women
Being diagnosed with breast cancer at any age can be difficult. Several studies have suggested that breast cancer affects women under the age of 50 deeply because the disease can have an impact on fertility, appearance and sexuality.
Breast Cancer Rx Linked to Heart Failure
Roughly one in four breast cancers has too much of a protein called HER2, which makes the cancer grow faster. The medication Herceptin (trastuzumab) targets the HER2 protein to help breast cancer patients live longer. But this medication may be linked to heart problems.
Why Breast Cancer Takes Young Women So Quickly
Breast cancer doesn’t just strike older women. Although rare, girls as young as 15 have been diagnosed with this cancer. Unfortunately, it's well-known that the disease tends to be more lethal in young women than it is in older women. Scientists recently looked into what might be behind this phenomenon.
The Pill and Cancer Risks
Women who carry mutations in the BRCA genes have higher risks for both breast and ovarian cancer. One way to reduce these risks is to have both their ovaries and breasts surgically removed. A new analysis looked at another possible way — birth control pills.