Health News

Diabetics Benefit from Blood Pressure Drug
Type 2 diabetics are exposed to many health risks, including developing kidney problems. New research shows that a common blood pressure drug may help these patients protect their kidneys.
Keep Heart Disease at Bay with Safflower Oil Everyday
With all the side effects of diabetes drugs, it's good news to learn a commonly used cooking oil can help diabetic women keep their health under control.
Solving The Mystery of Making Insulin
Researchers think they have identified what controls the secretion of insulin on a molecular level, a discovery that may improve treating diabetes. A protein called Snapin may be the switch that releases insulin - the hormone that manages blood sugar levels - from the pancreas.
Bad Timing: Diabetes and Your Heart
The length of time a man has diabetes may determine the risks to his heart health.
This Diabetes Drug is an Oldie but a Goodie
While you may think that newer medications improve upon older ones, it turns out that might not be the case when it comes to diabetes.
Longer Lasting Insulin
Many diabetes patients struggle with the regular inconvenience of taking multiple insulin injections every day. However, change  is on the way!
Too Much Blood Sugar Control
Trying to maintain normal blood sugar levels can be harmful to type 2 diabetic patients who also have heart disease.
Pine Tree Bark is as Big as its Bite
As many as 35 million adults in the U.S. may suffer with metabolic syndrome-- a group of risk factors including high blood pressure, obesity and high blood glucose levels.
Diabetes Discriminates
A new study suggests that lower potassium levels in the blood of African-Americans may help explain why they are more likely than whites to develop type 2 diabetes.
The Key is in the Pee
Scientists have developed a simple home urine test that can determine if patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are producing their own insulin.