Health News

Watching TV and Diabetes
Even if the TV is your source for news, or just a simple way to relax at the end of a long workday, you may do better to avoid the tube altogether. Watching too much TV could end up hurting your health.
Now Available: New Drug for Diabetes
When patients have more treatments to choose from, they have a better chance of finding one that works best for them. Now, diabetes patients and their doctors have a new drug to consider.
Stopping a Second Stroke
Diabetes patients are at risk for all sorts of heart problems, including stroke. If a diabetic has had a stroke in the past, the chance of another stroke is even higher.
Sales of Diabetes Drugs Stopped Due to Bladder Cancer Risks
Actos and Competact, two top-selling type 2 diabetes drugs, have been pulled off the markets in France and Germany following studies linking the medications to bladder cancer.
Diabetic Teens Have Heart Problems Too
It is already known that type 2 diabetes can affect adults' hearts. Now, research shows that the disease can also cause heart problems in teenagers.
Treating Cancer Could Lead to Diabetes
Certain hormones can make prostate cancer worse. One treatment for this type of cancer is to stop these hormones from being made. However, that treatment can put men at risk for diabetes.
Blood Pressure at Bedtime
Doctors often tell patients to take their medications at the same time each day. But what time of day is best? When it comes to blood pressure drugs, that time may be right before bed.
Diabetes May Break Your Bones
When people grow old, their body gets weaker. Their muscles aren't as strong and their bones can become fragile. Broken bones are common among older adults, especially if they have diabetes.
Diabetes and Pregnancy: What Lies Ahead?
A pregnant woman not only has to watch out for her health, but also for the health of her baby. Diseases like diabetes can hurt both the mother and child. That's why it's especially important to spot who is at risk as early as possible.
Grapefruit to the Rescue
Pills are usually designed to get rid of a disease. Now there’s a pill that can possibly prevent health problems before they happen.  Researchers have identified that the bitter taste in grapefruit has possible health benefits.