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Diabetes: The South Asian Risk
In the fight against type 2 diabetes, it is important to know who is at risk for the disease. While obesity is a major part of the picture, genetics also play a role in the development of diabetes.
New Drug Treats Diabetes and High Cholesterol
The FDA has approved Juvisync, a prescription medication that contains two previously approved medicines in one tablet: Januvia (sitagliptin) for diabetes and Zocor (simvastatin) for high cholesterol.
Intervening in Obesity and Diabetes
With both obesity and diabetes on the rise, there is much need for treatment options that work. Exercise and healthy eating are among those options.
Less Life Free of Diabetes
Americans are living longer than ever before. But does this longer life expectancy mean that people are living healthier, or are they living longer through periods of sickness?
Small Changes, Big Heart Problems
Heart disease is a common complication of type 2 diabetes. Yet it is still not clear how diabetes boosts the risk of heart disease. Part of the answer may lie in our genes.
Shallow Breath and Swelling Blood Sugar
Children who are struggling with both diabetes and asthma have to deal with more than shortness of breath; some of them seem to have a harder time keeping their blood sugar under control.
A Diabetes Coach in Your Phone
Mobile phones have brought a world of information to our fingertips. We can find just about any bit of knowledge we are looking for, including medical help. Now, it seems like cellphones may be useful for diabetes patients.
Diabetes Drug's Dark Side
There have been huge strides in the fight against diabetes over the past decade. Patients now have more treatment and drug options than they ever did before. Yet, some of these drugs may not be entirely safe.
Shut Down Diabetes With Some Shut-Eye
Sleep is an important part of your health. Without your nightly shut-eye, your body would not get the rest it needs to prepare for the next day. A lack of sleep can also lead to certain diseases, including diabetes.
Project Dulce: Made for Your Community
Mexican Americans are more likely than whites to develop type 2 diabetes. Once they have diabetes, Mexican Americans also face a greater risk for certain complications. How can this gap be closed?