Health News

Diabetes Exercise: Harder, Faster, Shorter
About two and a half hours of exercise per week is proven to prevent and treat diabetes. But for some, it can be hard to fit that much exercise time into their schedules. New research shows there may be a different way.
Diabetes Loves the Graveyard Shift
It can be exhausting to work an irregular schedule with both night and day shifts. An irregular schedule also may raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes Drug and Exercise Don't Mix
Exercise and metformin - a commonly prescribed diabetes drug - are both valuable treatments for preventing diabetes. Used separately, the treatments work well. In combination, however, they may be less effective.
Diabetics Are More Likely to Have C-Sections
If you’re diabetic and pregnant, you probably know that you’re at greater risk for a difficult childbirth, compared to women who aren’t diabetic. Researchers now know why.
Diabetes in Asian Americans: Type-What?
Even though type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different conditions, they can look similar in young Asian Americans. These similarities can make it hard for some doctors to diagnose this population.
The Dawning of a New Diabetes Drug
Across the United States, people with type 2 diabetes struggle to keep their blood sugar levels in check throughout the day. These patients soon may have a new drug option to help them out.
Tools to Predict Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is a preventable disease. Knowing who is at risk for the disease is a crucial part of curbing the growing rates of diabetes. Yet, many of the tools used to predict diabetes are not being used.
A Breath of Diabetic Air
Air pollution is unhealthy for all us. Past studies have shown that air pollution may be especially harmful to people with diabetes. Now, it seems that air pollution may even fuel the development of diabetes.
Vitamin D for the Diabetic Heart
If you develop diabetes, you have to start taking even better care of your heart than before. Drinking a certain type of yogurt may be one way to protect against your increased risk of heart disease.
Hit the Bottle, Keep Diabetes at Bay
Eating lots of refined carbohydrates - which are found in foods like white bread and sugary drinks - can increase your risk of diabetes. Changing your diet may lower your risk, but a little alcohol might do the same.