Health News

A Decade Ahead of Kidney Damage
Unfortunately, a good deal of diabetes patients will suffer from kidney disease. While kidney damage may be one of the more deadly complications of diabetes, it is also preventable - especially if it is spotted early.
Treating the Double Ds is Best
Living with diabetes can weigh heavily on a person's mental health. In fact, diabetes and depression often go hand in hand. Fortunately, treating both conditions at the same time may lead to better outcomes for patients.
Have You Had Your Roughage Today?
A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but a review of studies on dietary fiber shows including enough of it in your diet might mean avoiding medicine in the first place.
How Diabetes Drug May Prevent Cancer
Back in 2005, Scottish researchers found surprisingly low rates of cancer among diabetes patients taking metformin , one of the most commonly used drugs for treating type 2 diabetes. Now, we may know why this happens.
Eat Mindfully at Your Favorite Haunts
Avoiding restaurants because of your diet? A new study says you may not have to if you make smart, "mindful" choices.
Got Type Two? Hypertension Drugs Can Wait
People with type 2 diabetes have to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. But that does not mean they have to start taking blood pressure drugs the minute they are diagnosed.
How Your Morning Joe Stops Diabetes
If you are a coffee drinker, then you know how amazing it feels to get that first sip of joe in the morning. What if you found out that coffee can reduce your risk of diabetes? Well, it's true and we may know why.
Nurses Too Cut Heart Risk Factors
An effective option for aiding high-risk patients suffering from cardiovascular disease may be an individualized treatment plan from a nurse-led team focused on reducing heart disease risk factors.
Get Vaccinated, Stop the Spread of Hep B
There are a great deal of complications associated with diabetes. In order to prevent these complications, patients have to take special care of themselves, whether that means eating healthier or getting vaccinated.
Diabetic Pancreases Sending Mixed Signals
The body of diabetes patients either cannot produce enough insulin or ignores insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar. New research reveals what may be causing this problem.