Health News

Works for One, But Not for Twins
Women with a short cervix and women carrying twins are at higher risk for preterm birth. Women with both have an even higher likelihood of giving birth early.
Sunlight Benefits for the Womb
Being born underweight is linked to a variety of possible health problems, including chronic diseases. It's therefore helpful to know ways to reduce the risk of having too-small babies.
Can We Lower Babies' Schizophrenia Risk?
Some mental disorders are linked to specific genes. But that does not mean a person with a certain gene is destined to develop that disorder. Healthy practices may decrease the risk.
Obese Mamas Pass Along Less Vitamin D
Pregnant women are advised to take prenatal vitamins to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. But their weight may play a role in how many of those nutrients reach their baby.
Fatty Acids During Pregnancy
If you are pregnant, your child is what you eat. That may not be news, but it appears that the effects of your diet while pregnant continue after a child is born.
Dad, Don't Suck it Up
Mental illness often runs in families. Children are generally at a higher risk for a mental disorder if a parent has one. These patterns can show up very early in children's lives.
Feeling Blue… While Pregnant
Pregnant women with depression have tough choices to make. Do they treat the depression with medication or skip the meds? How might either choice affect their baby?
Pumping Up Tiny Newborns' Iron
The smallest newborns are often at risk for bigger health problems. Underweight babies are more likely to have behavioral issues later in life. But new research indicates boosting their iron levels may help.
Mama's Diet Shapes Kid's Diabetes Risk
A pregnant mother's diet plays a key role in her child's development and health. If you are pregnant, eating an unhealthy diet could boost your child's chances of developing diabetes.
Secondhand Smoke and the Unborn Baby
So it's pretty clear that smoking while pregnant is a bad idea. But what if it's just those around you who are smoking? Does that affect unborn babies too? Possibly.