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Ibuprofen for Pain After Tonsil Removal
While surgery can solve some potentially serious problems, it can also be a painful process to recover from. After surgery to remove tonsils, patients are likely to receive pain medications. But they may not have to turn to strong prescription drugs to relieve their pain.
Looking for Answers for Kids’ Chronic Pain
Children with particular long-term diseases may experience chronic pain. Yet children can also experience chronic pain even if the cause is less clear.
Two Good Reasons to Get a Shingles Jab
Seeing the doctor to get a routine vaccine doesn't stop when you outgrow childhood. In fact, seniors over age 65 are encouraged to get the shingles vaccine – and for good reason.
Stuffed Animals Keep the Pain at Bay
It's no fun to undergo surgery - especially if you're a kid. And perhaps the worst part is feeling pain afterward. Never fear! Playtime is here!
Don't Focus on the Pain, Kids
When tummies hurt, it can be the biggest deal for children. But kiddos can take control and put the power of the mind to work, especially over a long period of time.
Pains of Parents and Children
Sometimes pain just decides to show up in our bodies seemingly out of nowhere. No warning, no apparent cause. It baffles doctors as much as it baffles us.
When the Shoe Fits
That raw blister on the back of the heel can make running painful. And if an experienced runner gets a stress fracture while trucking a long time, what's causing the damage?