Health News

Warts Love Family and Friends
Most of the public health prevention information related to skin warts relates to public places, like swimming pools. But are these really where warts are most commonly passed on?
Doc, Do You Wear Gloves?
Doctors already wash their hands regularly to prevent the spread of infections. Often, they wear gloves as well. But it may be even better if they wore gloves more often.
Success of the Free HPV Vaccine
It's icing on the cake when a vaccine is offered for little to no cost. Free human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine programs can protect many individuals from genital warts without draining their bank accounts.
Teen Death from Chickenpox Reported
A 15-year-old girl died from chickenpox in 2009, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today. Although death from this virus is rare, it can and still does occur.
Two Good Reasons to Get a Shingles Jab
Seeing the doctor to get a routine vaccine doesn't stop when you outgrow childhood. In fact, seniors over age 65 are encouraged to get the shingles vaccine – and for good reason.
Chickenpox Vaccine Rules the Roost
One of the most recent vaccines added to the childhood schedule is the chickenpox vaccine. Enough time has passed to learn more about how effective the vaccine is.
How Many Teen Girls Are Having Sex?
Designing effective ways to reduce both teen pregnancy and unsafe sex requires knowing how many girls are actually having sex and using contraception.
From One Stomach Virus to Another
Rotavirus was the leading cause of diarrhea and stomach pain in infants and young children across the globe. But now, another group of viruses might be taking its place.
Fewer Teens Vaccinated for HPV
Vaccines are important for babies, but teens should stay up to date on their vaccines as well. This is especially true for the tetanus, pertussis, meningitis and HPV vaccines.
Flu Shot Has Risks, But Still Worth It
One of the single best ways to avoid getting the flu is to get the flu shot. But some people worry about possible side effects from the shot.