Health News

Living High, Living Dangerously with Anemia
The higher you are in the world, the thinner the air is. Higher altitudes mean it's more difficult to breathe and gain the oxygen your body needs.
Fewer Chickenpox Cases in American Houses
Chickenpox was once a disease that nearly all children caught and some children even died from. Now most children receive the chickenpox vaccine.
Egg Allergies? Fear Not the Flu Shot
Everyone is urged to get a flu shot, but what should you do if an allergy might interact with the vaccine? Risk the flu or risk the allergic reaction?  For many patients, these concerns have now been addressed.
Refusing Vaccines Contributes to Outbreaks
More than 9,000 people contracted whooping cough in California in 2010. It was the worst outbreak of the disease, also called pertussis, since 1947 in that state.
Did Your Doc Get a Flu Shot?
Doctors often tell their patients to get the flu shot. But how many healthcare professionals are taking that step themselves?
Getting a Boost to Fight Meningitis
One of the more disabling and fatal bacterial illnesses is meningitis. There are vaccines to protect against many meningitis strains, but not all of them — yet.
Fighting the Bug that Fights Back
When a person develops a bacterial infection, healthcare workers usually provide antibiotics to help fight the infection. But some bacteria have adapted and can fight off the antibiotics.
Getting Babies Home Sooner After Lung Infections
The sooner a baby can recover from a lung infection, the better the child will likely be in the long-term. This may be especially true if the child is at risk for asthma.
Playing Kids' Odds with the Flu
Even though the flu is a common illness each winter, that doesn't mean it's not a dangerous one. Children with certain chronic conditions are especially prone to complications from influenza.
A Snapshot of US Children's Vaccination Rates
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend several vaccines for children to prevent infectious diseases. These diseases range from measles and whooping cough to polio and meningitis.