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Shipments of Cyclospora-Linked Salads Halted
The investigation into cases of cyclosporiasis (infection with the foodborne parasite  Cyclospora ) continue this week as infection counts across the US rise.
Cyclospora Sources Still at Large
Progress was made last week when officials pinned down a salad mix as the source of Cyclospora  infections (called cyclosporiasis) in Iowa and Nebraska.
Restaurant Salads Indicated in Outbreak
Officials have been working to pinpoint the source of a foodborne parasite that has been causing illness across the US this summer. Now they may have found one culprit.
Salad Suspected In Summer Outbreak
The foodborne parasite Cyclospora has been causing infections across the US this summer, leaving authorities searching for a culprit.
Infection Outbreak Missing a Culprit
The parasite Cyclospora has caused illnesses in multiple states across the US this summer, and officials are still investigating how it is spreading.
A Parasite Strikes the Lone Star State
An outbreak of the foodborne illness  cyclosporiasis has caused over 45 infections in Texas.  T he public needs to be on alert for digestive symptoms.  Meanwhile, Texas health officials are on the hunt for a cause.
Latest Foodborne Outbreak Tied to Cheese
We assume food stored in the refrigerator is safe and healthy. But certain bacteria can grow and thrive even when the temperature is cool. A Listeria  outbreak in the midwestern United States has been tied to a certain brand of soft cheeses.
Just a Stomach Bug?
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea — these unpleasant symptoms are often brushed off as "the stomach bug" and ignored. But in many cases, a norovirus infection may be the real culprit.
Berries Blamed for Hepatitis A Outbreak
Organic fruit may be produced without chemicals or pesticides, but that doesn't mean it is immune from being contaminated with foodborne illness. 
Clean Eating is a Serious Matter
Food should fuel us and give us energy, not make us sick. But when certain bacteria gets involved, food can cause some serious problems in the body.