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What Coffee May Do for Women's Cancer Risk
Coffee drinkers of the world — the female coffee drinkers, that is — your morning cup of joe might just have some unexpected health benefits.
Ovarian Problem May Have Other Health Effects
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and infertility have been well-known dance partners for many years. Now new evidence suggests that PCOS is also dancing with a lot of other chronic health issues.
Soy Not Protective Against Endometrial Cancer
Endometrial cancer is less common in Asian countries than in Western countries. A new study has found these lower rates don't seem to result from a specific food that Asian women eat.
Weight Loss Surgery Cut Female Cancer Risks
Obesity has been linked to a host of major diseases, including cancer. For some women, weight loss surgery may be a barrier against that cancer risk.
Ladies, Wanna Cut Your Cancer Risks?
It’s now thought that a large proportion of cancers are associated with carrying too much weight. Nearly half of all cases of one type of female cancer are linked to obesity. Researchers have drilled down on weight and uterine cancer risks.
Endometrial Cancer Tied to Obesity
Scientists think the link between endometrial or uterine cancer and obesity may lie in insulin levels gone awry. Treating obesity and insulin resistance could help prevent this cancer.