Health News

Keeping Cool While Working Out
Choosing the right workout gear is important for healthy exercise. Clothing that traps heat may raise body temperature and even cause heat strokes.
This Old Man…Is Pretty Healthy!
It's no secret that Americans' life expectancy has been gradually increasing. This is great news — as long as adults can spend those extra years happy and healthy.
What If You Can't Wait to Get Pregnant?
Women who are obese may choose to undergo weight loss surgery. If they do and they plan to have children, how long should they wait to get pregnant?
Ask Your Doctor About Dietary Supplements
If a medicine has certain risks, your doctor is likely to tell you about them. But for dietary supplement info, patients might have to dig deeper to know more.
Running Is in the Knees and Ankles
A lot of hardcore runners have proper running form on the mind. Another concern they may have is foot posture, or the way the foot and ankle can roll in or out. Does foot posture make a difference in staying injury-free?
Veggie Eaters Live Longer, Study Says
Personal tastes determine what goes on many of our plates. But if longevity also is a concern, a new study suggests we’d fare better by dining on much less meat and many more vegetables.
The Path to Work is a Social Thing
Group support can make or break healthy behaviors, even in commuting to work. Support for walking and biking to the job comes in a number of different forms.
When Extra Sugar Ain't Sweet
Over-consumption of food and calories has been problematic across the US. Certain populations in particular are eating extra calories from sugars hidden in food at home.
It's in the Records
Hospital medical records contain a lot of information on the sick and injured. They can especially reveal a lot about those who have chronic conditions.
Say “I Do” the Healthy Way
Weddings are wonderful, but they can also be stressful and time consuming to put together. Couples have to remember to take care of their health before, during and after their nuptials.