Health News

Cutting Out Sugary Drinks for Better Health
Cutting down on sugary sodas and energy drinks may not only help you stick to your calorie goal; it also might help reduce your disease risk as well.
Preventing Sports Injury With Exercise
Injuries are basically the only downside of exercise, and many sports injuries can be tough to treat. But certain types of exercise may help people prevent these sports injuries.
Some Herbal Products May Not be All They Seem
Many people use herbal products as alternatives or supplements to medication. But are they really taking what they think they're taking?
Salty Meals Still on the Menu
Many popular US chain restaurants are claiming to offer healthier menu options in their marketing and ad campaigns, but do their menu items actually live up to these claims?
Changing Your Diet for Better Health
High blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and extra weight all have one thing in common - they can raise a person's risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. As it turns out, there is something else they have in common - they can be improved with diet.
Retiring to Excessive Drinking
As people enter their senior years, they may not drink quite as much as they did in their wild and crazy youth. But many seniors still may drink more than they should, when it comes to their health.
Increasing Quality of Life in the US
While there are a number of public health issues that still need to be fixed, there are signs that our overall health and quality of life is improving.
Exercise Is the Goal
For a lot of people, breaking down exercise into smaller parts or short-term goals can make it more manageable to accomplish. Exercise goals may help people, including older individuals, get active.
The Safety of Snacking While Giving Birth
Once a woman enters the stages of labor, there is no telling how long it might be before the baby arrives. If her labor lasts a long time, is it safe for the woman to eat or drink?
Obesity Linked to Higher BPA Levels
More and more attention has been focused on the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in recent years. BPA is found in many products, but it's not clear how it might affect the human body.