Health News

These Healthy Choices Might Reduce Dementia Risk
Many people exercise and eat healthily to improve their overall physical health, but those habits might also boost mental health.
Exercise: How Even a Little May Help Older Hearts
Older adults with reduced mobility may not move around a lot, but a little activity may go a long way in maintaining their heart health.
Obesity Treatment Device May Trim the Fat
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Wednesday approved a first-of-its-kind device to treat obesity.
Fireball Whisky Recalled in Europe
After an accidental shipment of an American version of Fireball Whisky to Europe, three countries have recalled the product due to an ingredient in the whiskey also found in antifreeze. But Fireball says the chemical is safe for consumption.
Milk May Not Protect Against Fractures, Death
Past research and advertising campaigns suggested that milk made bones stronger and improved overall health. But new research suggests that may not be true.
Recalled and Banned Products Were Still on Shelves
Recalls are meant to ensure that every medication and supplement on store shelves is safe. But do those recalls work?
Exploring the Safety of Walking to School
Walking or riding a bicycle to school is a great way for children to get extra physical activity — but only if it's safe for them to do so.
Questions to Ask Before Surgery
Many people have questions before surgery. Some of the things they don’t ask are those that their surgeons most need to know.
A Heart Test to Save Athletes' Lives
Could a relatively simple test for heart abnormalities save athletes' lives? Recent research suggests that it might.
European Food Safety Authority Says Aspartame Is Safe
Many people consume aspartame, a sugar substitute, in diet foods and drinks. A European food safety organization recently examined whether it is safe to consume.