Health News

Walk Your Way to Heart Health
If Goldilocks took her love of moderation all the way to exercise, she might have discovered that her heart was "just right."
The Latest Skinny on Trans Fats
You likely know that a fatty diet is bad for you, but that may all depend on what kind of fats you're talking about.
Why Teen Girls Need to Exercise
If you needed another reason to get your teen daughter to drop the phone and get off the couch, here it is.
Aging Well: Why Older May Be Better
Having the time of your life may be easier if you’re over 55. At least, that’s the finding from a recent Gallup-Healthways survey.
Check Your Fruit and Veggie Intake
Remember how mom always told you to eat your veggies? Turns out many adults didn’t listen.
5 Lifestyle Factors Linked to Less Heart Failure
Your day-to-day activities just may halve your risk for heart failure.
Hold That Sugary Drink for Better Health
Sugary drinks may taste good, but they may also take a big toll on public health.
Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?
Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the US, but watching for certain risk factors may help give your heart a chance.
Your Child Might Not Be Getting Enough Water
Got water? Most US kids may not be drinking enough of it. And that could be a problem.
Are You at Risk for Breast Cancer?
Over the past few years, there has been increasing evidence that obesity may be a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes. Now another disease may be added to that list.