Health News

Pediatricians Warn of Pesticide Exposure
Residues from pesticides are all around us: in the air, in our food, in dust, in soil. Whether used in farming or in homes, these chemicals can affect children exposed to them.
Before You Take Drugs for Weight Loss
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved two new weight loss medications. They caution against using these drugs to lose a few “vanity” pounds.
Want Good Health? Tell the Truth
People tend to lie far more than they realize, even about relatively insignificant things, according to psychological research. But these lies may contribute to poorer overall health.
Missy Franklin: Young & Fast
Four years ago, Missy Franklin tried out for the U.S. Olympic team at the age of 13. She didn’t make the team in 2008 but even qualifying for the Olympic trials at 13 was an impressive feat.
Omega-3 Oils Keep the Swelling Down
Inflammation occurs with many chronic and acute diseases. Fish oil, a source of omega-3 fatty acids, may help curb this painful symptom.
Sunlight Produces a Healthy Weight
Vitamin D plays a central role in keeping people healthy. Learning about the metabolic effects of this vitamin may help older women maintain a healthy body weight.
Moms - Babies Know Best
Researchers are learning more about how obesity develops from complex factors beyond just eating too much. One factor may be a fear of not having enough food for one's children. A recent study reveals that food insecurity, or the anxiety about whether a person will have enough food to be sure their family is well fed, might play a part in why some children go on to become severely overweight. Follow your doctor's recommendations on feeding your baby. Rachel Gross, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Children's...
All Coffee Drinkers Aren’t Equal
Caffeine can be a legal way to enhance athletic performance, though studies have shown mixed results. Genetic variation may be the reason caffeine does not work the same for everyone. Many studies have shown that caffeine can increase a person’s athletic performance, but these studies have also shown that these effects are not universal throughout the participants. A new study examines the link between caffeine’s effects and genetic differences between people. Caffeine may give you an extra edge in sports. Dr. Christopher J. Womack, PhD, a researcher and professor at Jam...
Looking for ways to Minimize Radiation
If you're obese and scheduled for a CT scan, here's something you may not know: you're possibly receiving more radiation from the scan than those of a healthy weight would receive.
Don't Take More of What You Don't Need
Before popping a multi-vitamin, you might check the label to see how much selenium it has. Too much of this beneficial mineral can cause health problems, and you may already get enough.