Health News

Live Longer, Avoid Accidents
The top causes of death in the US for people under 50 are not from disease. Extra caution while driving, saying no to drugs and leading a healthy lifestyle could go a long way to keep a person alive.
Healthy Living Reality Check
The rules of healthy living seem simple: don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, exercise often and keep a healthy body weight. But do people really know if they are on the right track?
Time for Practice, Time for Play
Playing is not just for the kids. Young athletes can benefit from messing around on the court and field, too.
Lose Weight in 140 Characters
Go ahead and tweet that post to your exercise buddy. It may just help shed unwanted pounds. Twitter usage can help people lose weight through the social networking site by supporting others in their attempts to get leaner.
It's Cold, But Working Out is Cool
With the pies and cookies and new toys to play with, it can be pretty hard to keep up that fitness routine over the holidays. No need to wait ' til  after New Year's to exercise, especially with the activities that can be done outside.
A+ in Fitness
Here's another incentive for students to get fit and stay that way as they head back to school: better grades.
Exercise Just Takes a Few Minutes
Some say it's 30 minutes of exercise twice or thrice weekly to see benefits. Others say it's 20 minutes done more often. For cancer patients who may be short on time or lack the energy, just a few minutes a day can help.
The Up and Down Test
Get off that chair and try sitting on the floor. How well you're able to do that and stand back up can say a lot about your fitness and depict your chances of dying. 
Whiskey & Diet Coke; No Make That Soda Water
Diet soda can help cut the calories in cocktails, but can also put a person over the legal alcohol limit without them ever knowing it. Yes, regular and diet soda do affect the body differently.
Grapefruit and Your Rx Don't Mix
Grapefruit is a healthy fruit, but it can interact with some drugs. A review of research found that the number of drugs that might interact with grapefruit is on the rise.