Health News

LGB Teens & Eating Disorders
Teen obesity and eating disorders like purging and diet pill use are serious health concerns. Are these risks higher in teens who don’t identify as heterosexual?
Ice Reflections on Eating and Image
When figure skaters fall, they typically don't have much to protect their bones naturally from damage since they're under such pressure to be thin.
Binge Eating Lowers Work Productivity
A company is only as good as its workforce. Getting the most out of workers could be optimized with binge eating interventions and obesity health initiatives.
Loss of Control: Food, Drugs & Depression
Binge eating may be a predictor of marijuana and other drug use and depression. The good news is binge eating can be successfully treated.
Teach ‘Em When They’re Young
Compared to teenagers, it’s easier to get kids to break bad eating habits and start exercising. The earlier kids can learn to be healthy, the better chance they will have of staying that way.
Working Up an Appetite? Not!
Working out and exercise is supposed to help build an appetite, right? That may not be the actual case.
Cause for Frailty in Elderly
Getting proper nutrition is important for older people to maintain strength and muscle mass. Frailty can come from not getting enough to eat.
Yo-Yo Dieters
Many women lose or gain 10-20 lbs. several times in their life. The good news is that yo-yo dieting does not prevent women from being successful with diets later in life.
Girls Get Their "Good" Fats Back
The way an eating disorder affects a person's body can have long-term implications. However, there is a good news for girls who recover from an eating disorder.
Eating Disorders Not Limited to Youth
When people think of eating disorders, they often think of young girls starving themselves to look like the women in fashion magazines. But older women suffer from these conditions as well.