Health News

Overweight kids develop more psoriasis
Overweight children have a significantly higher prevalence of psoriasis - and they are also at higher risk for heart disease that starts in childhood with higher cholesterol levels.
Eat Away Belly Fat
Fat can be tricky because some fat is good for you, but too much is detrimental. Fat found deep in the belly is one of those kinds of fats that’s not good for you.
Natural Anti-Aging Agent - Strawberries
Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake are at it again - saving the world one person at a time by telling people strawberries are a delicious, healthy fruit that can fight diseases.
Indiana Brings Fruits and Vegetables To You
Fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins and nutrients for healthy development. Still, fresh produce can be very expensive. The state of Indiana may have found a solution.
Fruity Tunes and Veggie Tales Aren't Just for Kids
While most know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, most Americans aren’t eating enough. But California has made progress. What are they doing differently?
Country Elders Have it Hard
Rural areas are often seen as peaceful because there are so many miles in between everything. This can be nice, but this may not be the best setting for elders who live out there.
Grapefruit to the Rescue
Pills are usually designed to get rid of a disease. Now there’s a pill that can possibly prevent health problems before they happen.  Researchers have identified that the bitter taste in grapefruit has possible health benefits.
Turn Off Obesity and Diabetes
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just turn off a gene in our body so that we don’t have to watch what we eat or exercise? Life would be so simple if only that were possible.
Racial Differences Between Vitamin D Deficiencies
Vitamin D is essential in every person’s diet. It can be obtained through different dairy products and foods, and is activated in the body by exposure to sunlight.
Diet Soda not cause for Diabetes