Health News

“Healthy” Obesity in Question
How the body’s metabolism functions can determine a lot about a person’s health. But even people with good metabolic health can’t escape the health risks associated with obesity.
Comparing Weight Loss Surgery Options
Choosing weight loss surgery is a major health decision, and it's important for patients to know their options. A recent study compared two weight loss surgeries for type 2 diabetes patients.
Weight Loss Surgery for Better Diabetes Outcomes
Type 2 diabetes can lead to kidney failure, heart problems and even blindness. Weight loss surgery might help protect against these diabetes-related health issues.
Recovering From Diabetes After Weight Loss Surgery
Some obese people with type 2 diabetes choose weight loss surgery to drop pounds and improve their health. What makes a weight loss surgery patient likely to recover from diabetes?
More Java for Less Type 2 Diabetes
If coffee is part of your morning routine, you may be reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes every day — at least that's according to a recent review of previous trials.
Weight Loss Surgery to Reduce Diabetes Complications
Both diabetes and obesity can raise the risk for heart disease and death. Fortunately, there are ways to help people manage their weight and diabetes, and one of those ways may be surgery.
Halloween Can Be Tricky With Diabetes
Halloween can be difficult for people with diabetes — especially children. Free candy seems to be everywhere. With a little self-control, however, the holiday doesn’t have to be a bust.
Seniors Weighing Heart Health Options
Keeping the heart and circulatory system healthy is important for everyone, but it is especially important for older adults. The American Heart Association recently released a new scientific statement on seniors and their heart health.
Staying Healthy With Dietary Fiber on Your Plate
Are you having beans, leafy greens or another fiber-rich food for dinner? If not, you may be among the many Americans who don't get their recommended amount of dietary fiber — and your health may be suffering.
Higher Blood Sugar and the Brain
Blood sugar control is essential to the well-being of people with diabetes, which is linked to a number of complications, including memory loss. But one needn't have diabetes to feel the effects of out of whack blood sugar levels.