Health News

Olive Oil and Nuts Fight Off Diabetes
To ward off diabetes, people generally avoid all-you-can eat menus. Counting calories, however, may not be such a problem for those who follow a Mediterranean diet. Which inclues olive oil and nuts.
Interventions Preferable to Advice Alone for Weight Loss
It's easier to tell people to eat healthy and exercise than to lay out a custom fitness plan. However, a lifestyle change strategy may be more effective than advice alone.
Early Warning Signs for Kids
A variety of early signs might help clinicians and parents learn if children are at higher risk for diabetes. The trick is seeing the signs early enough.
An Apple a Day Keeps Heart Problems Away
Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? A new study suggests that simple dietary changes may be effective in preventing death from heart disease.
Diabetes Rx May Help Obese Drop Pounds
For patients with type 2 diabetes, the medication canagliflozin has been shown to improve blood sugar levels and lower weight. Now, this therapy may also help those without diabetes to lose weight.
Exercising to Counter Holiday Overeating
Short-term overeating may not only result in weight gain — it can have long-term affects on metabolism too. Can exercise counter the harmful effects of a holiday feast?
Exercise Benefits Were All in the Asking
Exercise can help treat diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. While getting people to move can be difficult, asking them about fitness habits may spur them to act.
Exercise to Lower Insulin Resistance in Kids
Many medical conditions do not come on suddenly but instead have warning signs first. Diabetes, for example, starts with increased insulin resistance.
Breaking Up Kids' Inactivity with Activity
Children of obese parents are at high risk for heart conditions later in life. What can be done to lower this risk?
Healthy Bodies Kept Minds Healthy
As many Americans age, we’ve been told to expect a huge swelling in the rates of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. A new review of recent studies shows some improvement being made on this front.