Health News

Processed Meats May Kill
In general, any kind of processed food is not your best choice to stay healthy.  Recently researchers confirmed the link between processed meats and colorectal cancer. So, what should we do?
Joy in Soy
Is it okay for women who have breast cancer and other hormone sensitive cancers to eat soy and other plant based phytoestrogens? That’s a controversy that’s been raging for several years.
Yoga Improves Breast Cancer Treatment
Breathing and relaxing are important techniques to control stress; less stress means more happiness; and more happiness is good for everyone! Yoga has hit its stride and seems to be in vogue in exercise circles these days.
Watch Out For That Sun
Skin cancer can easily be prevented by applying sunscreen. But the problem is, there are so many kinds of sunscreen out there! How do you decide which is best?
Yet Another Reason to Lose Weight
Being overweight or obese carries a number of health risks. Now there's one more health benefit for losing weight.
Breast Cancer, Genes, and Environment
“Baby, you were born this way” is a newer phrase coined by Lady Gaga - for the most part you were born with a set of genes that make you look a certain way. Maybe not though!
Cancer and Sexual Orientation
Demographic information regarding sexual orientation and general health is scarce. According to a new research study, the kind of person you are attracted to may affect cancer survivorship.
Dietary Fats and Prostate Health
You can't turn around without hearing praise for the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Likewise, trans-fatty acids are considered one of the most unhealthful substances we can eat. Well, hold your horses - when it comes to prostate health, all that's wrong!
Canola Oil Protects Against Colon Cancer
Olive oil seems to be promoted as one of the healthiest oils. Flaxseed oil too. But ordinary canola oil is now being promoted as a cancer-fighting hero that's a healthy choice for everyday cooking.
What Popular Diets Help Prevent Cancer?
Being overweight or obese does increase the risk of developing cancer. So losing the pounds is a good idea. But experts at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say some popular diets are healthier and more effective in fighting cancer than others.