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Gallbladder Removal Surgeries Were Safe in Kids
With obesity on the rise, doctors are seeing a rising number of children with gallstones who need a surgical fix. New research suggests these surgeries are safe.
Skipping the Antibiotics After Surgery
It's true that any kind of surgery, including gallbladder removal, can increase the risk of infection. But that doesn't mean patients always need to take antibiotics afterward.
Procedure Provided No Relief After Gallbladder Removal
Gallbladder problems may be treated by removing the organ, but that can lead to abdominal pain. To relieve pain, doctors may use an endoscopic procedure, but its benefits are questionable.
Delayed Surgery Can Be Less Effective
Many people take measures to avoid surgery. Depending on the disease, however, surgery may be a treatment option that works better sooner rather than later. A recent study provided evidence on the benefits of pursuing surgery early for one of the most common diseases in the United States.
More Pounds Means More Risk of Stones
Gallstones can be incredibly painful, especially if a person regularly gets them. While overweight individuals are more prone to get gallstones, it has not been clear if being overweight is what causes them.
Doctor Visits in the Comfort of Your Home
What if you could get medical care without leaving your home? Or without wasting time in the waiting room? Telehealth can make it happen with virtual clinic "visits."
Hormone Therapy Patients Have More Surgeries
To ensure hormone levels stay balanced and regulate the body, women who hit menopause may start hormone therapy. But menopause hormone therapies are not without risk.
Obese Youth Likelier to Have Gallstones
As children's waistlines continue to grow across the U.S., so do their chances of getting gallstones.
Similar Stones
Obesity, diabetes, and an overall unhealthy diet can put people at risk for both kidney stones and gallstones. Now, it seems the link between these two types of painful stones involves more than the risk factors they share.