Health News

Sleep Apnea Risks Not Only for Adults
People with sleep apnea experience pauses in their breathing or shallow breaths while they sleep. In adults, the condition has been linked to diabetes and heart disease, but that link is less clear in younger people with sleep apnea.
Hard-Hearted News About Belly Fat
If you're trying to lose some weight but don't know where to start, focus on your belly. When too much fat builds up around the belly early in life, it could mean heart troubles down the road.
Diet, Exercise and Matters of the Heart
Diabetes patients who are overweight or obese are often advised to lose weight. Doing so may not only help them control diabetes, but can also protect the heart. But is that protection long-lasting?
Fattening Cancer Risks
Being lean isn't just great for a person’s self-esteem. Not having excess fat on the body helps to lower the risks of a number of diseases. And just the opposite is true – too much fat can fatten health risks.
The Depression Isn't All in Your Head
Depression is thought of as a mental disorder, but it can affect the rest of the body too. Having symptoms of depression may be linked to risks for other diseases.
Obesity Breaks Young Female Hearts
When body mass index is high, so is the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. Obesity, however, isn’t just an older person’s problem. The threat extends to individuals who are much younger.
Weight Gain Vs. Continued Smoking
Among smokers, a common reason to not quit is the fear of gaining weight. While weight gain is a serious concern, continuing to smoke is a greater concern.
Losing Weight by Eating More Often
For those who like to eat often, there may be a diet plan for you. And for those who want to stick with just cutting calories, that still works to some degree.
Lose Weight in 140 Characters
Go ahead and tweet that post to your exercise buddy. It may just help shed unwanted pounds. Twitter usage can help people lose weight through the social networking site by supporting others in their attempts to get leaner.
Slimming Down Can Keep Heart Beating Right
Young people that suffer from obesity may think they are healthy enough. But their obesity is putting them at risk for diseases usually found in older people.