Health News

Obesity and Heart Disease Risks Common among Latinos
The obesity epidemic in America has led to disease and increased health care costs. This epidemic may be hitting some ethnic groups harder than others.
Surgery Could Be Good Option for Obese People with Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is often diagnosed in overweight patients. The combination of diabetes and obesity can present a serious risk for heart disease.
The Long Lead-Up to Chronic Kidney Disease
Serious illness does not always strike suddenly. Sometimes, it comes at the end of long road marked by other health problems. Kidney disease often is preceded by other avoidable health problems.
Ex-Smokers and the Obese More Likely to Take Prescribed Statins
Some research has shown that those who regularly drink or smoke are less likely to take their cholesterol medications. But people with a different unhealthy lifestyle factor do seem to take the medications meant to lower cholesterol and improve their health.
Greater Weight Linked to Stroke at Younger Age
According to the so-called "obesity paradox", people who are overweight and have had a stroke have a better chance of surviving than their normal and underweight counterparts. However, some research is starting to debunk this idea.
Big but Fit? Don’t Count on It
Although obesity is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, some heavy people seem immune. Those considered “healthy” obese, however, may face health troubles down the line.
Exercise May Be Best Heart Protection for Overweight Women
Exercise is key to losing weight and keeping that weight off, which is healthy for the heart. But even without weight loss, physical activity may provide quite a bit of benefit to the heart.
Obesity Drives Canada’s Cardiovascular Disease
Health advocates worldwide have aimed to cut rates of heart disease and the disorders that trigger it. After a half-century of documented progress on that front, Canadian researchers project a change in the root causes of heart disease in that nation.
Meeting UN Health Goals Could Save Millions of Lives
Some of the biggest killers worldwide are diseases that can largely be prevented: heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancers and diabetes. But it will require some effort.
Maybe Saturated Fat Isn't the Problem
Saturated fat — bad. Unsaturated fat — good. End of story. That's what medical and nutritional experts have claimed for over five decades. But is it really the case?