Health News

Intervening in Obesity and Diabetes
With both obesity and diabetes on the rise, there is much need for treatment options that work. Exercise and healthy eating are among those options.
One Step at a Time to a Healthier Heart
Most people know that heart failure risks can be reduced by living healthier lives. Actually trying to change all bad habits at once can be difficult though. Take it one step at a time.
Back Pain Weighing You Down
Extra weight might not seem like a lot of trouble, but the more weight you add on the more pain you might feel - especially in your lower back. Lose the weight to feel physically better.
Bringing Back Potatoes
Many Americans believe that potatoes are just vessels for high starch and calories. This is not true though – potatoes have real health benefits.
Abs of Steel From Running Fat Down
Trying to get a 'six pack' but just can’t make it happen? You might be doing the wrong kind of exercises. Aerobic exercise might be better for burning belly fat than resistance training.
Body Fat in Obese May Be Toxic
Some obese patients develop conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, while others manage to avoid such chronic diseases. That may be because all obesity is not the same.
Obesity Linked to Heart Arrhythmia
With obesity comes the added risk of health problems. One potential risk may be electrical heart abnormalities that can lead to heart arrhythmia.
Fatty Heart is Bad News
When it comes to your body, most types of fat have negative implications. Fat around the heart is no different. It may cause heart disease even in healthy individuals, especially in men.
Weight Weighing Life Down
Weight management can be difficult at any age. It is important to achieve and maintain an ideal weight even as we age because life expectancy can decrease with excess weight.
Gout Gets the Royal Treatment
Gout, formerly linked with Europe's royal families, has made its way to middle America. Since 1990, U.S. cases have increased by 50 percent, making it a modern-day royal pain in the joints.