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Better Kidney Health While You Sleep
For patients with end-stage kidney disease, heart problems are common. Overnight dialysis in the home to rid the blood of toxins may help lower heart disease risk in these patients.
Kidney Patients Staying Heart Healthy
People who have kidney disease should take care of another crucial organ: the heart. A recent review looked at the effects of lowering blood pressure on heart health for people who suffer from kidney disease.
Diabetes-Related Diseases Linked to Stroke
For patients with type 1 diabetes, keeping a close eye on blood sugar levels and managing their disease is a part of everyday life. A recent study may give these patients another reason to stay on top of their medical care.
Less Salt for a Healthier Heart
Most Americans eat more salt than government dietary guidelines recommend. Research suggests it may be unwise to eat so much salt, as it might be harmful to your health.
Too Much Calcium for Kidney Patients
For patients with chronic kidney disease, taking the right supplements is essential for their health. A recent study found that choosing one supplement over another may even reduce their death risk.
Heart Disease Is Where the Stone Is
Kidney stones are troublesome enough. But could they be associated with more serious conditions?
The High Pressure of Kidney Disease
Sometimes blood pressure can be controlled by lifestyle changes alone. But in other cases, several types of medications may be needed to do the trick.
Kids with Diabetes Worse Off Than Adults
As the obesity rate among young people has climbed, so has the rate of type 2 diabetes. Adolescents who get the disease may face more health problems than those who get it as an adult.
What’s Heart Smart Is Kidney Smart Too
Your heart and kidneys work together to maintain balance within your body. What’s good for the kidneys is good for the heart, and keeping up heart health may be key for the kidneys as well.
Know Your Kidneys and Spread the Word
During National Kidney Month in March, The National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) seeks to raise awareness about kidney health.