Health News

Potassium Could Help Heart Failure Patients
If a simple supplement could reduce the risk for death, many patients might be eager to try it.  A recent study asked if potassium supplements helped heart failure patients live longer.
Skipping the Bacon to Save Your Heart
Bacon for breakfast, a ham sandwich for lunch and hot dogs for dinner could be a recipe for heart failure.
Systolic vs Diastolic: Different Heart Risks for Different Readings
High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and other health problems. A closer look at blood pressure readings may foretell the specific type of health troubles that lie ahead.
Sleeping Pills May Worsen Heart Failure
Sleep is a crucial part of good health, and when people find it nearly impossible to fall or stay asleep, medication may help. However, some sleep medications may be dangerous for certain heart failure patients.
IBD Could Affect Your Heart
Inflammatory bowel diseases are serious conditions on their own. But they also can lead to life-threatening complications that may extend to organs beyond the digestive system — even to the heart.
Simple Blood Test Predicts Sudden Heart Death
People at risk of dying from heart failure often get an implantable defibrillator to keep their hearts ticking. Current heart assessments, however, are not always on the mark.
Blood Pressure Rx Cuts Heart Attack, Death Rate
Diabetes increases the likelihood of having heart disease. While blood pressure medications may help reduce related risks, some therapies may be more effective than others.
New Heart Failure Symptom Defined
For the millions of Americans living with heart failure, it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms that accompany the condition. Doctors have found a new symptom of heart failure that could lead to more effective treatment.
Supplements Didn’t Reduce Heart Disease in Elderly
Many people take omega-3 fatty acids to reduce their risk of heart disease. Some elderly patients may not be getting the benefit they hoped for.
FDA Will Review Diabetes Rx for Heart Risk
Saxagliptin is a popular diabetes medication that helps lower blood sugar levels. Because research has shown that it may worsen heart failure, the FDA plans to review data on this medication.