Health News

Videos Help Cancer Patients Understand Options
Doctors can talk to patients until they are blue in the face, but sometimes a short video can convey the clearest message. End-stage cancer patients may benefit from video learning.
Helping Cancer Patients Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking is important for cancer patients. Interventions, support and education are essential to encouraging every smoking cancer patient to quit right now. 
Pediatricians Warn of Pesticide Exposure
Residues from pesticides are all around us: in the air, in our food, in dust, in soil. Whether used in farming or in homes, these chemicals can affect children exposed to them.
Radiation Isn't a Cancer Cure
When lung cancer is metastatic, it has spread to another part of the body. When cancer is at this advanced stage, radiation can ease pain and other symptoms but not cure the disease.
Age, Sex, Income and Cancer
Catching cancer early always offers the best outlook. So why are some cancers caught at later and at more advanced stages? And what can be done to change the patterns?
Cancer Care During Super Storms
After Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast and kept churning, millions of people have been left without power and transportation. What is a cancer patient to do in such disasters?
Realistic Expectations Are a Good Thing
Hope is an important part of fighting cancer. But unrealistic optimism in the final stages of cancer can influence important patient decisions.
How Do Vitamins and Liver Cancer Mix?
If you're researching how vitamins, minerals and antioxidants affect your cancer risk, good luck getting a straight answer. A new study shows vitamin E may be your friend and vitamin C may be your foe.
For Olympians, Tough Skin is Necessary
Olympic athletes train to be the most mentally and physically tough competitors in their event. But for many, an unexpected condition can threaten a hard earned chance at success.
FDA Issues Warning on Natural Supplement
There are countless dietary supplements marketed as natural remedies for pain relief. In some instances, these supplements turn out to be neither natural nor safe, which seems to be the case for Reumofan Plus.