Health News

Physician Group Recommends Against PSA Tests
If you’re a man – or a woman for that matter – you’re probably confused about cancer screenings. The recommendations for prostate cancer screenings have been all over the place.
Skin Cancer Survivors Not Practicing Safe Sun
Sunny days are among life’s finest pleasures. Being outdoors when the sun shines bright requires some protection, though. And you’d think people who’ve had skin cancer would know these things and practice safe sun all the time.
Rain or Shine, Umbrellas Are Fine
Umbrellas aren’t just good for protection from the rain. They can also be a great barrier from the sun. From lacy parasols to sporting favorite team logos, umbrellas make a healthy accessory.
Rx Shortages Hitting Cancer Patients Hard
The conversation about medication shortages has died down recently. The problem hasn’t gone away, though. Cancer patients are apparently feeling the brunt of ongoing supply problems.
What You Don’t Know About Cancer
 “World Cancer Day is a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease.”
Smartphone Apps Are Not Doctors
There’s an app for just about everything these days. But when it comes to diagnosing any type of cancer, nothing beats a real doctor. Seriously, go to a real doctor.
Don't be Wowed by WOW
Dietary supplements can be tricky business. When the FDA cracks down on dangerous supplements, sometimes they pop up again elsewhere. WOW is a new supplement on the market that could cause serious problems.
The Ball Dropping on Cancer Screening Rates
Do you know the age women are to begin having mammograms? What about PSA testing for men? Do you know when to start colorectal cancer screenings? Confusion may be the reason screening rates are dropping.
Exercise Just Takes a Few Minutes
Some say it's 30 minutes of exercise twice or thrice weekly to see benefits. Others say it's 20 minutes done more often. For cancer patients who may be short on time or lack the energy, just a few minutes a day can help.
Unraveling Family Cancer Ties
Having a family history of any kind of cancer isn’t a bright spot for your own odds. It’s just part of nature over which we have no control. In terms of colorectal cancer, new understandings may help avoid a nightmare journey.