Health News

Going Online with Anti-Cancer Behaviors
The Internet is an increasingly popular source for health and wellness information. And while being online offers a rich and ongoing supply of information, researchers wanted to know if the Internet helped change behaviors.
Cancer Screening Harms Some Doctors Aren’t Talking About
While detecting cancer early is essential to beating the disease, some screenings can overdiagnose — that is, they might pick up cancers that won’t ever be a problem, which can lead to unnecessary treatment.
Sunscreen Delivered on Cancer Curbing Promises
For years now, we’ve been told to wear sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen keeps you from getting sunburned. But does sunscreen really protect against skin cancer?
No Worries for the HPV Vaccine
One of the only vaccines that is known to prevent some forms of cancer is the HPV vaccine. Those who might worry about its safety have no reason to fear.
Soaking in the Sun's Deadly Rays
Wear sunscreen, stay in the shade, avoid sun during the hottest part of the day: most people know the golden rules of keeping skin healthy and free from cancer. For people who have previously had melanoma, those rules are especially important.
Primary Care Doctor Visits Save Lives
Research has shown that screening cuts the incidence of colorectal cancer. And folks who visit their doctors regularly are more likely to learn about and be referred for colorectal cancer screening. Do these two facts save lives?
Cancer Preventive Rx Too Risky for Most
Women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer may be prescribed risk-reducing medications. Because some of these medicines have serious side effects, recommendations regarding who should take them have changed.
Do You Know Your Breast Cancer Risk?
If you’re like the vast majority of women, you probably don’t really know what your individual breast cancer risks are. You either overestimate your chances of developing the feared disease or underestimate them. Shocked? Read on.
Remember the Sunscreen?
As skin cancer rates continue to remain high, doctors are encouraged to educate patients about the benefits of using sunscreen to lower their risk of developing the condition.
Cancer-Causing Chemical in Shampoos?
Take a look at the ingredients in your shampoo. If you can pronounce any of the names or know what they do, you’re probably a chemist. One of those many-syllabled ingredients may cause cancer, and an environmental group wants to get it out of your hair.