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When Cancer Rxs Team Up
Sometimes it takes two. Two breast cancer medications, that is.
Rx Cut Breast Cancer Incidence in Older Women in Half
For years, postmenopausal breast cancer survivors have been treated with medications that block estrogen production to reduce the risk of cancer returning. One medication may also prevent the disease from developing at all.
Breast Cancer Survivors Battling Brittle Bones
Breast cancer survivors can have ongoing health challenges after they’ve beaten "The Big C." Many are on medications that block estrogen, the hormone that drives most breast cancers. These medicines also increase the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and increase the risk of fractures.
Medicine Before Breast Cancer Strikes
Some women know they’re at high risk of developing breast cancer. The disease could run in the family or they may have a number of other risk factors. So, do medications reduce breast cancers in these women?
1 in 4 Women Skips Breast Cancer Therapy
The majority of breast cancers are fed by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. That’s why women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer are prescribed medicines to block these hormones. But a good portion of women may be skipping the therapy.
A Breast Cancer Elf?
Here’s an intriguing thought. What if we could reprogram cancer so it responds to treatment? That’s exactly what breast cancer experts are exploring.
Can a Single Gene Defeat Tamoxifen Treatment?
Not all women respond to a common breast cancer drug called tamoxifen . Not to worry–these women can now be identified and switched to another medication before the disease turns deadly.