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Controlling Advanced Ovarian Cancer
If cancer returns, treatment is often to try and stall its growth. Ovarian cancer is a tough foe, but a new trial has found one medication that may help control the disease.
Other Cancers After Breast Cancer?
Even after a cancer is successfully treated, there's still a risk that another cancer may show up at some point down the line. A recent Spanish study looked at the risk of second cancers in breast cancer survivors.
What to Know About Angelina's Decision
Mega-star Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed that she had both breasts removed. She does not have breast cancer. Ms. Jolie has done this to reduce her risks of developing both breast and ovarian cancer.
Ovarian Cancer Isn't Sweet
Ovarian cancer has been linked to genetics, environment and hormones. But scientists still aren’t totally sure whether diet and sugar may play a role too.
The Subtle Signs of Ovarian Cancer
There is so much going on in a woman’s body, it‘s easy to overlook symptoms that are just annoying. Maybe you feel full early on as you’re eating a meal. Or you notice that you’re bloated. Then, for no particular reason, your jeans are tighter than usual.
Genes Can’t Always Predict the Future
Women with ovarian cancer can have their genes tested for mutations that trigger cancer growth. But certain gene mutations don’t necessarily help or hurt a patient’s chances.
The Weighty Issue of Ovarian Cancer
Loads of health problems have been linked to obesity in recent medical studies. Fortunately, ovarian cancer and obesity don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.
Preventing Blood Clots Better Than Not
Who wants to be given a shot every single day for a month after surgery just to prevent the chance of developing a blood clot? People who really don’t want to get blood clots—that’s who.
New Strategies for Fighting Chemo Resistance
What if the odds of beating ovarian cancer could be improved by tinkering with existing chemotherapies? Tweaking chemo regimens may help patients who become resistant to initial therapies.
Possible Sign of Ovarian Cancer
What if a blood test could flag a greater risk for ovarian cancer? Testing for blood calcium levels is a pretty simple process and may someday be a helpful tool in diagnosing ovarian cancer.