Health News

Hidden Risks for IVF Moms
As technology progresses, researchers must learn both the benefits and risks that new medical procedures offer. Using in vitro fertilization ( IVF ) to have a baby is one such technology.
Birth Control Pills Under Fire Again
All medications come with risks. But some birth control pills come with more risk than others, leading France to consider limiting some birth control pills' use.
Advances in Fertility Treatment Produce More Babies
Many women today face reproductive and fertility issues that keep them from getting pregnant "the natural way". Modern fertility treatments are allowing these women the chance to reproduce at a more natural birth rate.
More Chemicals, More Time to Pregnancy
Researchers are learning more all the time about how chemicals in the environment affect our bodies. Much research focuses on children and conceiving a child.
Ectopic Pregnancies Could Lower Chances of a Big Family
Did you know that ectopic pregnancies could lower future chances for achieving a live birth? Ectopic pregnancies may affect women's fertility more than other childbirth issues.
Birth Control Boosts the Brain?
Most women take birth control for the obvious reason: to avoid getting pregnant. But it can have some unexpected side benefits. Hormonal birth control might help your brain too.
Trying for a Baby Takes a Toll
A couple struggling with fertility will often go through a lot to have a baby. But fertility treatments can sometimes negatively affect the most basic part of the process — sex.
Growing Baby Eggs Into Babies
If you want to make a baby, you need a sperm and a mature egg. Until recently, scientists haven't known how to grow eggs to maturity on their own. But now they have an idea.
Is Obesity Causing Infertility?
Did you know that one out of every three American women of childbearing age is battling obesity? And the consequences of this condition can affect fertility.
What Do You Know About Contraception?
The best way to prevent an unintended pregnancy — aside from abstinence — is consistent, effective use of contraception. Knowledge about contraception, therefore, is power.