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Birth Control Method Might Increase Diabetes Risk
Many factors can affect a woman's decision about birth control methods, and an increased risk for diabetes may be one of them.
Surprising Facts About Modern Mothers
Starting in 1914, every second Sunday of May has been dedicated to the celebration of motherhood, yet the profile of a typical mother has changed dramatically since the holiday’s inception.
Possible Deadly Consequence of Obesity before Pregnancy
Being overweight has a wide range of health implications. One new study looked at how a pregnant women's weight may affect the child they carry.
Mom's Weight May Affect Her Child's Weight
Previous studies have shown that the amount of weight that women gain during pregnancy can significantly affect the baby's health. And it's possible that a child's health could be affected throughout childhood and beyond.
Fertility Meds Didn't Cause Breast Cancer
Not all of the long-term impacts of fertility treatment are clear. But researchers have found reassuring evidence for those hoping to have a baby using such treatments.
Preparing for Baby With Prenatal Screenings
Different options for prenatal screenings may be offered to pregnant women, often leaving moms-to-be with questions about what the tests are looking for and when they should be performed.
Impact of Stress on Female Fertility
Trying to get pregnant triggers all kinds of emotions. One of those emotions, stress, may hinder efforts to conceive.
Low Birth Weight Might Mean Infertility as an Adult
Nowadays, babies born under a healthy weight are often able to survive and grow to a healthy weight. However, when these babies grow into adults, they may have problems having babies of their own.
What Women Need to Know About Bladder Control
Involuntary loss of urine can be embarrassing and a bit frustrating. Luckily, we have some information about the condition, possible causes and treatments.
Health Complications During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a serious life event that can, in rare instances, result in health complications for the mother or child. Here are some complications that may arise during pregnancy.