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Offering Women with Stage IV Breast Cancer More Time
When breast cancer begins to spread to other organs, it's considered Stage IV. Two drugs currently being used to treat breast cancer have been found to work better together for the most serious form of the disease.
More Surgery Often Needed After Lumpectomy
If the breast tumor is small enough and it's early stage, most women choose to have breast conserving surgery called a lumpectomy. New research suggests this choice can lead to more surgeries. At least in England.
Powerful Rx Combo for Advanced Breast Cancer
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug to be used for postmenopausal women with advanced hormone-receptor positive and HER2-negative breast cancer.
Fat Cells Cuddle Up With and Hold Estrogen
Obesity. Obesity. Obesity. It's spreading everywhere and touches most every chronic health condition. Now researchers find obesity could affect how well long-term breast cancer treatments work.
Breast Cancer Drug Controversy Continues
Cancer tumors need an entire support structure of blood vessels to get the nutrients it needs to survive. A drug that goes after the support structure in metastatic breast cancer slows the progression of the disease, but doesn't prolong life.
Why Bigger Isn't Always Better
We're obsessed with size in this country. And when it comes to breasts, size matters - a lot. Yet bigger is not always better in terms of breast cancer risks.
Unveiling the Secrets of Breast Cancer
Scientists are pulling back the veil on breast cancer and realizing that it's a far more complicated disease than anyone ever thought.
Fewer Women in Their 40s Having Mammograms
It was standard practice - women had their first mammograms at the age of 40. That changed in 2009 when the US Preventive Services Task Force ( USPSTF ) recommended against mammograms for this age group.
Keeping Breast Cancer Risks on the Move
Exercise. Physical activity. Moving. Along with a clean and colorful diet, there's almost nothing better you can do for your body than move. The fact is we have to keep moving to keep moving, and here's another reason why.
Walking Away From Breast Cancer
A drug used to treat diabetes to might work on different kinds of cancer. One day, that may include breast cancer.